The ancient city of Cadianda is located about 24 km. far from Fethiye. Most of the road to the city is asphalt, whereas 8 km of it is stabilized. It is possible to see the ruins which are at 915 metres height above the sea level and 400 metres above Üzümlü village.

Cadianda’s name was read as “Kadawanti” in the Lycian inscriptions. Because of the suffix   “–nd”, it can be said that the history of settlement dates back to 3 thousand B.C. However, the oldest remains of the ancient city that has survived on the surface do not go more than 5th century BC old. Part of the ruins of city walls surrounding Cadianda, tombs and some of the inscriptions are the only remains dates to the earliest period.


Helenistic theatre was repaired and used again in the Roman period and can be reached by the side of Cadianda city walls. Leaning on the southern slopes of the acropolis, despite the collapse, the theater reflects its former glory.


 Apart from those above; baths, running track, the agora, ruins of a temple belonged to an unknown God and traces of intense civil construction reveal the identity of a full city and ancient settlement of Cadianda.

The city is surrounded by walls which were re-built many times due to the topography and the steep slopes of the land. Mostly south part of the wall still remains. Polygonal city walls from the Hellenistic period formed retaining walls of the ancient theatre and show a high quality workmanship.

So many illegal excavation traces can be seen in the southern part of the city outside the fortress walls which was the Necropolis area.  Other significant structures with a majority of the number are cistern ruins. Four major inter-connecting cisterns which located under a wide field at the eastern part of the stadium shows us the significance of water shortage problem in the ancient city and may perhaps suggests that the city was abandoned because of this problem.


Most of the remaining ruins in Cadianda are belonged to the Roman period. Even though there had been settlements until 7th century B.C., remains of the late period are not intense
The directorate of Fethiye Museum made a rescue excavation in the ancient city in 1992. During this work, approximately 2.5 km long road is organized for touring the ruins comfortably and easily.
Approximately on the fourth kilometer of the forest road to the Ancient City Cadianda, in northern direction into the forest, there is a tomb which belongs to Hector. The relief on one side of this tomb includes the owner of the tomb reclining with his relatives and friends besides him.


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