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Museums are institutions where objects of cultural or historical value are displayed. They are also places where the scientific and artistic products of communities are collected and exhibited. By displaying artifacts which have been buried under the ground for centuries, museums can teach us about the traditions, beliefs and lifestyles of earlier civilisations.
 “Illuminating the Land of Light”, a project led by the Directorate of Fethiye Museum, in partnership with the Victoria Gallery and Museum in Liverpool, and FETAV, aims to increase the cultural awareness of visitors to our museums and archaeological sites. In particular, the project aims to increase the number of children visiting cultural venues in our region, with the intention of introducing them to the value of sustainable heritage and cultural tourism, encouraging this next generation to work against the illicit trade in antiquities.

Primary targets of this project are:

  • Exchange of knowledge and experience between staff of both museums about collection management systems
  • Sharing information about ongoing archaeological excavations and surveys.
  • To create a joint public awareness on protection of historical monuments.
  • To ensure long-term cooperation between two countries, institutions and civil societies,
  • To pass the common historical heritage to the future generations

Project activities include; building four heritage education centers each equipped with learning materials to teach about historical artifacts to the people, especially children who live near the ancient cities in Fethiye and its surroundings.

Within the scope of the Illuminating the Land of Lights project, educational activities will take place primarily at the schools in Fethiye Center and near the ancient cities. The target is to reach a total of 17,900 students.
 The project website will deliver information on ongoing activities and implementations that the project is covering. Learning materials will be available for download from the website.
To ensure sustainability of the project impacts, the project website will keep providing online services about museum’s management systems and educational materials.

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This project is co-financed by the European Union and the Republic of Turkey